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Blog about server status here.

A picture of Totem Bar can be seen here. Taken by Petter Nordby at Skiathos in Greece.

Using multiple connections to leech from this system or otherwise spend an unfair amount of its bandwidth will get you blocked IP wise.

This is the free UNIX server project of Anders Nordby, a PC running the Debian operating system, located in Oslo, Norway. I have the following goals with this project:

Further info

The current hardware setup, and its history (with pictures).
Statistics: FTP, HTTP, SMTP.
Users' area (restricted).

Public resources

The users' homepages.

Mailinglists. Send a mail to majordomo AT with "help" (to get help) and/or "lists" (to see what lists are available to you) in the body.

Mirrors & stuff (accessible through FTP and HTTP). You'll find HVSIDS (The prime time C64 SID tune collection), epic (the superior IRC client), my collection of modules/scene-graphics from the Amiga-scene, Postfix and other things there.

Web sites hosted:,

Web site mirrors:, Putty.